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For your security, each client is allowed to create only one registered account under the default conditions. For customers attempting to create multiple accounts, we reserve the right to suspend accounts without further notice.


While all efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the product description, specifications and prices there may be times when errors occur. If such a situation occurs,R&R Computer Services can not accept your order. In case of an error you will be contacted with a full explanation and a corrected offer. The information provided is considered as an invitation not as a confirmed offer for sale. The contract is confirmed with the supply of goods. Given the limitations of popularity and / or supply of some of our products,R&R Computer Services may need to limit the number of products available for purchase.R&R Computer Services reserves the right to change the quantities available for purchase at any time, even after placing an order. Both parties agree that, after sending the order, shipping is the sole responsibility of the third party logistics company . During this phase, full ownership of the product (s) belongs to the buyer; all related responsibilities and risks during transport will be borne by the buyer.

Cancellation of orders

Customers can cancel their order at any time before shipping; please contact our Support Center. However, once the order has been sent, the order cannot be canceled, changed or refunded. Upon receipt of the package, our Warranty and Return policy takes effect.

Transportation and delivery

Posting times displayed onR&R Computer Services refer to the estimated time needed for packages to leave our hands. Since the actual delivery of your order can be affected by many events beyond the control ofR&R Computer Services once it leaves our facilities, we suggest that if customers have a particular occasion or event they wish to use their article, such as . birthday, for them to order their items even earlier.R&R Computer Services cannot be held responsible for late deliveries. We will, however, work with you to ensure the best possible shopping experience. For a smooth delivery and peace of mind, we strongly recommend that customers purchase shipping insurance while ordering. In case your package has a problem caused by transport,R&R Computer Services will send you replacement equipment free of charge. If the item is no longer in stock, we will offer a refund option. Any order that does not have transport insurance will not be the responsibility ofR&R Computer Services and the customer takes full responsibility for their package during the transport process.

R&R Computer Services provides information through slogans on our site and through “Newsletters” for customers, which provide details on shipping delays due to the peak Christmas season (or similar cases) and encourages customers to order in advance. Therefore we can not be held responsible if a customer does not receive their order in time for Christmas.

There may be cases whenR&R Computer Services confirms your order but then learns that it can not supply the ordered product. In case we can not supply a product you ordered in a timely manner,R&R Computer Services will contact customers and offer to cancel the order and fully offset the purchase cost.
We try to make the delivery process as simple as possible and we can send your order home or to your workplace.

Deadlines and deliveries are calculated on business days from Monday to Friday. In case of big holidays like Christmas and China Lunar New Year, please allow extra delivery time. During those special cases we will provide notices to reflect possible delays.

Customers are responsible for providing complete and accurate shipping addresses.R&R Computer Services can not make changes to your shipping address after a package has been sent andR&R Computer Services is not responsible for lost packages due to incomplete or incorrect addresses.

R&R Computer Services cannot be responsible for any package that does not make it through local customs and is destroyed because the item is illegal in the destination country. Consumers are solely responsible for complying with their local laws. We also cannot be held responsible for any import tax that may occur and it is the sole responsibility of customers to pay this fee, if any.

Transport insurance does not cover any customs problems, including but not limited to, goods that have been destroyed or confiscated due to their illegal status in any destination country.

Inaccurate / damaged goods

We try very hard to ensure that you receive your order in pristine condition. If you do not receive the ordered products, please contact us. In case the product is unlikely to come damaged or faulty, please contact us immediately.

Product descriptions

While we strive in good faith to be as accurate as possible, we do not warrant that product descriptions or other content are accurate, complete, reliable or error-free. From time to time there may be information onR&R Computer Services that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may be related to product descriptions, prices and availability.

We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update the information at any time without prior notice. If a specification of the main product changes after you place an order or within seven days of delivery, you can cancel and return the order for a full refund.


Prices and item availability are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include import tax and duties if your packaging will be reviewed and deemed taxable by your local customs. Payment of these is the responsibility of the buyer.

Privacy Notice

Note: Newsletter subscription to the registration page is controlled by the system.R&R Computer Services respects the privacy of the client. Please read about our privacy policy here: https://crs.al/privacy-policy

Customer behavior

AlthoughR&R Computer Services will always strive to resolve customer satisfaction issues in a professional, polite and friendly manner, we will not tolerate any unacceptable or unreasonable behavior towards members of the Customer Service Team.
Unacceptable behavior towards Customer Service staff orR&R Computer Services may include, for example, one of the following:
Aggressive, abusive and threatening behavior. Examples include: any and all direct or implied threats to any communication channel; language intimidation; personal and verbal abuse; sexist, racist, homophobic or derogatory; rudeness; inflammatory declarations; swearing; and unfounded allegations.
Constantly making common or concerned complaints, despite the fact that the issue has been fully addressed; similarly, reiterating ongoing grievances despite the reasonable and fair solutions provided in accordance with our policies.
Seeking, pressuring or requiring staff to violate established company policy guidelines, e.g. reimbursement amount, timelines, special compensation, etc .; similarly, seeking an unrealistic result beyond the scope of our policies and procedures.
Repeatedly change the nature (or focus) of a grievance or desired outcome, in part, after a formal response has been provided.
Excessive number of complaints compared to the history of the total purchase value.

For such conduct, complainants may be formally advised and notified of the following:

Their language is considered offensive, abusive, threatening and completely unacceptable.
They should refrain from using such language, threats and intimidation.

There will be no further exchange of correspondence on this matter if they continue with this conduct.

R&R Computer Services reserves the right not to accept orders from the customer in the future without further notice.

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